• Media Archeology

    It is an interdisciplinary working group that deals with the history of communication research in the context of art, science and technology. It examines past theories and approaches to conducts future research. In this context media archeology is part of new media studies.

  • Digital Game - eSports

    Research game and toy culture. In parallel with the developments in the field of computer and internet technology, the global digital game industry has created a rapidly growing online game ecosystem. In this context, digital game research group, focuses on topics such as game industry, digital parenting, stereotypes, internet of toys and e-sports.

  • Social Media

    Examines the role of social media from a broad perspective, including advertising, commodification, surveillance, advocacy, social movements, political participation and academic use. Social Media research group also analyze the impact of social media on journalistic practices. In this context, it focuses on revealing the effects of social media and analyzing it in depth in the process of collecting, producing and distributing news.

  • Data Visualization

    It is a research and design group that provides content to scientific video ecosystem. It aims to investigate and visualize databases. In this context, NETlab is designing graphical images and animations and transferring complex digital media on new media platforms. NETlab primary objectives are to publish video abstracts of scientific articles and to increase the prevalence of these researches in the social media environment.

  • Free Software

    The research group creates software-based roadmaps to allow scientists to examine complex ecosystems with the most accurate tools, especially in research conducted in the new media environment. It examines new and alternative free software that can be used in the production of digital content and organizes trainings in order to promote its use.

  • Digital Storytelling

    Digital storytelling, is used for social participation, community building, social awareness. It is also used as a method of supporting the therapy of traumatic events. Digital storytelling workshops provide an informal learning environment for the development of digital literacy levels, while allowing participants to circulate their personal narratives.