Ergin Şafak Dikmen, PhD.

NETlab - Coordınator

Ergin Şafak Dikmen graduated from Communication and Design Department of Bilkent University in 2006. He completed his master degree at the Integrated Design Department of Anhalt University with his thesis entitled “Optical Illusion and its Use in Design”. He received his PhD degree from Graduate School of Social Sciences of Ankara University with his thesis entitled “The New Media Ecosystem of Turkish Television Broadcasting”. His animation projects were screened in many cities such as İstanbul, Ankara and Berlin. He worked in different advertisement companies and in research centers as a CGI designer. Since 2011 he has been working in Ankara University, Faculty of Communication as a Lecturer. He is the founder and coordinator of New Media Research Lab (NETlab). Between 2021-2023, he served as the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Communication at Ankara University. Dikmen speaks fluent French and English. His research area focus on new media, TV 2.0 ecosystem and technologies, Science Communication, media archaeology and digital games


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  • 2019-2021 – The Adaptation Process of Refugee Children: The Effectiveness of Psycho-educational Games and Virtual Reality Therapy, TUBİTAK 1001, Projects founded by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, (Researcher).
  • 2014-2015 – From Television Broadcasting to New Media Interface, Digital Interactive Map, Projects founded by higher education institutions, 03/03/2014 – 03/03/2015, Researcher
  • 2010 –Digital Archive and Documentation Projects,  Projects founded by higher education institutions, Researcher.
  1. LCDG 2001 – La Musique Electronique à Ankara, Exhibition – Ankara 06.05.2017-02.06.2017,
  2. Social Security and Media Workshop, Workshop – Ankara 09.02.2015-13.02.2015,
  3. Come Closer, 3. International Design and Cinema Conference, Istanbul – Exhibition  19.11.2008-22.11.2008,
  4. Optic Illusion and its use in Design, Uluslararası, Dessau Germany – Installation 03.04.2008-17.04.2008,


  • Augmented Reality – Şafak Dikmen & Nilüfer P. Kılıç – NETlab Talks, Year: 2018, Language: TR
  • 25th Year of Internet in Turkey – Şafak Dikmen & Sinem Akyön – NETlab Talks, Year: 2018, Language: TR
  • Critical Internet Research with Geert Lovink – NETlab Talks, Year: 2018, Language: ENG
  • Digital Games – Şafak Dikmen & Levent İnce – NETlab Talks, Year: 2018, Language: ENG
  • Digital Games – Şafak Dikmen & Levent İnce – NETlab Talks, Year: 2018, Language: TR
  • Digital Game Industry – NETlab Talks, Year: 2018, Language: TR
  • What is it – İlef FA Team, Year: 2016, Language: TR
  • Unregistered Employment, TV Spot – Enver Özüstün & Şafak Dikmen Year: 2015, Language: TR
  • Cinema and Creativity with Ezel Akay – Ersan Ocak & Şafak Dikmen, Year: 2015, Language: TR
  • Stop Motion Animation With Mait Laas, Year: 2015, Language: TR
  • Creative Producers With Yamaç Okur – Ersan Ocak & Şafak Dikmen, Year: 2015, Language: TR
  • Signature, Experimental – İlef FA Team, Year: 2013, Language: TR


  • ”Lost in Transition”, Südkreuz – Documentary, Year: 2007 (Germany) Language: ENG
  • Rehabilitation of Malta – Gozo, Documentary Year: 2007 (Malta) Language: ENG
  • Get Lost, Experimental, Year: 2007 (Germany) Language: ENG
  • Killer Baby, Animation, Year: 2006 (Turkey) Language: TR
  • Elevator, Fiction, Year: 2005 (Turkey) Language: TR

Design Software

  • Video Editing: Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro,
  • Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand MX, Macromedia Director MX,
  • Visual Effects / Modelling: Adobe After Effects, Blender

Office Suite

  • Apache Open Office, Libre Office, Microsoft Office 365

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  • WordPress

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  • Windows (Microsoft)
  • Mac OS (Apple Macintosh)
  • Linux (Free Software) (GNU)