What is NETlab?

NETlab focuses on the new media ecosystem. The laboratory aims to disseminate scientific advances on new media area and the cooperative production culture. Founded in 2017 under Ankara University Faculty of Communication by Dr. Ergin Safak Dikmen; NETLab is open for contributions from various disciplines, universities and enterprises.



The aim of NETLab is to study new communication technologies and their impacts on digital communication ecosystems. NETLab contributes the field by publications, national/international projects and organizing scientific meetings.



We believe that scientific research should not be restricted to academic publications. For this NETlab adapts and share academic publications according to dynamics of the internet and social media platforms. Within this frame netlab.media is designed as a web based digital platform, joining researchers and scientific knowledge from various disciplines. Through this ideal NETlab aims to form a connection among fields of research.



NETLab provides technological consulting and organizes trainings on the use of new media technologies and social media content production for educational, governmental and non-governmental institutions. NETLab cooperates with universities, research institutes, governmental bodies and non-governmental organizations. NETlab produces informative and educative digital contents and distributes them via open access digital platforms.

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